Kid’s Classes


Crystal Meanings And Meditation Class 

JUST For Kids

By: Ally Haney
price: $13.00

age: 5-11
Every Sunday of July 


This is a class on the meanings of crystals and how to mediate with each crystal and its JUST for kids! (I did this last year and my students loved it) What they are going to do in this class… they are each going to get a crystal and I will explain what the meaning is for the “crystal of the week” each week they will be getting a different crystal to put in their collection of treasure! (They get to keep each crystal every week) After they get their crystal they are going to cleanse it…. Then we will do a short mediation along with music. Afterwards they will explain what they felt and saw while they were holding their crystal mediating! The class is so much fun and everyone will get to do it! We are going to have so much fun together!

Jamie’s Classes



Angel Magic:

Learn to better connect with Archangel Gabriel to give and receive messages, help with public speaking, authors, interviews, etc.  Where ever you “need a voice”, Archangel Gabriel can help you deliver messages clearly and with less anxiety.  Join us in connecting with the Divine Messenger.


Wednesday, JULY 9TH

With Jamie

7 pm | $20


Learn how to utilize the Angelic Realm magically!

 Learn how to invoke Archangel Gabriel to bring more healing into your life!

 We will learn about Angelic Sigils, set up Spells, Crystal Grids & Manifestations and show you how you can craft your own for insight.

 We will specifically be working with Archangel Gabriel for this workshop.

 ** We will have a guided meditation portion for you to receive Angelic Messages. **




See Also: 

Energy Drum Circle



An Intuitive Exploration With Watercolors

(All Materials Provided For Attendees)

Wednesday, August

Hosted by:  Jamie

6:30-8pm | $20

Join us for an intuitive journey with a creative flair!

No artistic experience necessary for this workshop.

Intuitive Painting allows individuals to travel a private path where they can uncover images of their inner selves and 3rd eye through the use of watercolor painting. 


This is a tool for beginners as well as advanced painters as the goal is not to make “professional” paintings but to allow symbols, colors, auras, animals or any other type of images to flow fluidly from your intuitive senses directly onto the paper.  It is similar to Automatic Writing and Automatic Drawing.


Receive messages from Spirit through the use of art!


*we will start with a brief meditation or Theta music to set your space, intentions and assist you in connecting*




Energetic Cord Cutting Class


With Jamie
7pm | $20
Energy Cords are also know as Cords of Attachment or Etheric Cords and are invisible cords that connect from one individual to another.

We all have tentacles of energy which come from many areas of our bodies. Most, however, tend to come from our solar plexus and naval centers. These tentacles of energy connect to the tentacles of energy that come from others and there can be an energetic tug of war or one person can drain the other energetically. When we cut these cords each person’s energy returns to them and there is no longer an intertwining and enmeshing of damaging energy. Only the damaging connections are cut so that you can regain your power.    Cutting these draining connections can improve your relationships by altering the energy in a positive way!

In this class, you will learn what Etheric Cords are and how you can take action and stop the leak! If time permits, we will also have a relaxing guided meditation.

Annemarie’s Classes & Workshops

The Way Of The Celts


With Mother Anne 

Tuesday,  July 8th  7:00 pm  | $20.00

1. Who were the Celts
2. Celtic Mythology
3. The Celtic Path

Interested in following a Celtic Path?

This Monthly group workshop meeting is for you!

Part History, Part Spirituality, Part Practice

 Join Us!



Saturday July 19th

Round table 

With Anne, Joe and Colby 



This is a limited seating. There will be 15 slots available. Pre-register for a spot. Round table is an intimate small group collective reading. Each group will spend 45 minutes with each reader. You will get to experience a collection of modalities including runes crystals tarot and animal spirits. An insight into technique and why we use various forms of divination.


   NEW! Mastermind Meeting

Tuesday, July 15th
Hosted by Anne

Sit down and meet up with others of like mind who come together each month to manifest their own – and each other’s – intentions.  Uplifting, empowering, and FUN! 

Ongoing group meeting to manifest individual intentions, as a group.


Try this technique JUST ONCE and you attend every session!



Psychic Fair Weekend

Come join us:

Saturday July 5th-6th

for our monthly psychic fair!


 Noon till 8pm both days



Saturday Readers

Marilyn Mackey
Lori Newlove
Colby Parrish

Sunday Readers

Joe Murhlin
Anne Wilkinson

It’s That Wonderful Time Of The Month Again, Enchanted Earth’s Psychic Fair Weekend…Join Us The First Weekend Of Every Month For Two Days Of $1.00 A Minute 20 Minute Minimum Readings!

Call ahead for appointments!

A Time For You To See What The Universe, Angels, Spirits, And The Divine May Have In Store For You, To Connect With Your Favorite Reader And See What Spiritual Insight They Have To Offer With Their Various Psychic And Divination Abilities, A Time To Try Out A New Reader To Get Some Fresh Insight And New Messages, And A Time For Us Here At Enchanted Earth To Help You The Consumer In Saving Some Money While Still Receiving Quality Spiritual Readings …All Here At Enchanted Earth, Your One Stop Shop For All Your Spiritual And Magical Needs!


All Readings $1 per minute / 20 minute minimum

Keren’s Classes

Reiki 2 Attunement





Sunday, July 20th

6pm – 9pm


Attention all Reiki  practioners, join Keren at Enchanted Earth for your Reiki 1 Attunement.  This will be a three hour class which includes a hour lecture on Reiki 1 symbols and practice,  and a attunement ceremony and hands on practice after the attunement.


Reiki 1 $  90.00
Reiki 2 $125.00
Reiki 3 $175.00





Access Your Higher Self Chakra Yoga

led by Dr. Alison J. Kay

Every Thursday Night!!



 Gentle, basic yoga postures people of all levels can do. This class designed to clear and clean out the chakras, and then BOOST the vital life force flowing throughout the chakras and your entire system. The most common feedback after taking this class Alison has been teaching for years is: “I feel lighter,” “I came to class all sluggish and now I’m all energized!” and “Wow that cleared out some stuff! My back/hip/tummy/throat/head feels totally different,” AND “I feel more connected to life now.” This one you have to try & see. You won’t ever be the same after – it’s addictive and HUGELY community building.

Om Shanti



Please feel free to call Enchanted Earth for details on this weekly Yoga experience!

Energy Drum Circle

Energy Drum Circle

energy drum circle

Wednesday, July 2nd  &  16th

Hosted by: Jamie

( $5 for all attendees (meditation or drumming) to help keep this event going)

We will start the drumming at 7pm and go until 9pm.

This is a fun and friendly atmosphere to connect energies and drum.

Join us for a wonderful celebration of rhythms and spontaneous creation of music through percussion and drum instruments.

Bring your drumming items, percussion or Native American flutes (we might have some percussion instruments to share).

The shop will be privately open (coffee, teas, cold drinks available for purchase within the shop) for those of you attending the Drum Circle.

Again, no experience needed…just a willingness to positively connect and drum under the stars. (we will have a fire going as well) (offerings accepted, jar will be available)

See you there!! ;)



Colby’s Classes & Workshops

Intuitive Tarot


Week 1
Friday, July 11th



Week one is an introduction and overview of this 8 week workshop. Discussing expectations and needs for this workshop.

Friday, July 18th

Week 2 

With Colby 



Week two will be focusing on major arcana fool-hermit. We will also be working with three card readings. 


Friday, July 25th

Week 3 

With Colby



Week three we will focus on the second half of the major arcana wheel of fortune-the world. Also we will discuss homework and continue working in three card spreads.


Learn how to step away from the guide books and read tarot from an intuitive stand point.





Children’s Oracle
Saturday, July 12th
With Colby
Oracle cards are a wonderful form of divination for children. There are 

even some oracle cards dedicated to adolescence . The challenges they are faced with. Can even help preteens and teens better communicate. We also encourage mom, dad, or guardian to join in for this workshop for a shared experience.



Saturday July 19th

Round table 

With Anne, Joe and Colby 



This is a limited seating. There will be 15 slots available. Pre-register for a spot. Round table is an intimate small group collective reading. Each group will spend 45 minutes with each reader. You will get to experience a collection of modalities including runes crystals tarot and animal spirits. An insight into technique and why we use various forms of divination.


Reiki Share Workshop


reiki share

 Reiki Shares 5-6pm

July 13th & 27th



 Welcome All Reiki Practitioners & Those Interested In Receiving Reiki Energy.  We Will Gather In Sacred Space To Share Reiki With One Another, Practice, And Bliss Out In The Groovy Vibes. 
All Are Welcome!