Welcome To Enchanted Earth
Where Magick Happens

A place for all your spiritual needs located in beautiful Dunedin Florida …We carry a wide range of metaphysical supplies including a variety of Organic herbs, Essential Oils, crystals, candles, unique gifts and serve teas and coffees as well.

All readers are psychic, intuitive empaths…the following services are offered by one or more of our very gifted readers.

Types of readings:
Tarot Cards
Oracle Cards
Angel Cards
Animal Totem Cards
Lithomancy (crystal/stone) readings
Tea Leaf
Palmistry (Palm reading)
Mediumship/Spirit Communication

Energy Work:
Chakra …clearing & alignment
Crystal Healings
Reiki Healing & Attunements
Shamanic Reiki Healing & Attunements

Other Services:
Past Life Regression (certified hypno-therapist)
Animal Medicine
Spiritual Advisors
Life Coaching
House Cleansing/Clearing/Blessings
Office Cleansing/clearing/Blessings
Handfasting Ceremony
Private Classes/Worshops
Private Parties
Monthly Psychic Fairs
Open Full Moon Ritual

If you don’t see what you are looking for …ask!


Come by and sit a spell and meet like-minded people in a cozy environment….


enchanted earth calendar of events <Check out our Workshops & Events  >


Located at:

733 Main Street

Dunedin, Fl 34698



Store hours:

Mon – Fri 10am -8pm

Sat 12pm-8pm

Sun 12pm-6pm

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is the best store you could go in!! When I walked through the doors of Enchanted Earth I could feel the breeze of postive energy all around and a wonderful greeting and that made me feel very welcome. All of the merchandise in the store was very beautiful and spiritual. I felt like a was in a dream. They also have a wonderful owner Kim that greets you and makes you welcome and can help you find what you are looking for. She makes the prices reasonable there was never one price that I went “WOW” about. Kim also has a wonderful spritual assiant Cassie that also helps you and greets you. Kim has fanstastic readers Kristy, Colby, Anne, Raine, Lori, and Marliyn.They all are mediums and have a smile on there face and will help you with anything you want and if you want a reading they are always gladly to do one and they all are very awesome. So go check it out and see all the magical things and wonderful people in Enchanted Earth! :)

  2. I came to enchanted earth not knowing what to expect, and was greeted with some of the kindest people I’ve ever met! I had a bundle of questions for the staff and each person happily answered them. If I could rank this shop, I would give it a 20 out of 10! This shop is now where my heart resides, I would recommend coming in here whether you know what you want, or even if you are just curious as I was. Thank you to everyone who helped me at Enchanted Earth! So mote it be!

  3. I have always had to order all my herbs on line. And were I live there is nothing around. We drove 1 hour to get there and very well worth it!! As soon as iam able I will deff make that drive agian.. :) Blessed Be

  4. The readings i have received over the years have been spot on. sometimes the events take awhile to manifest but manifest they do. sometimes the information i receive doesnt seem right because im looking at it from that moments perspective and cant see the future events that shape the comments. overall i feel comforted and repurposed when i leave.

  5. Tana- Please give the store a call tomorrow and speak with either Kim or Cassie. They can provide you with more information. (727-216-6594)

  6. I want to say, thank you for this wonderful Store. I just love it. I recently had a Handfasting in Oct. And bought some much there for that wonderful day. Anyways. I moved here from MN like 2 years ago, but where we live now, in Sarasota there is ZERO for stores, and the people I do meet, most of them are solitary, im looking for a Cover, and a class for my Husband too, to learn more about being Pagan, and go from there. I would love to learn more too, ive been practicing for sometime now. We live so fare that we can only do like Ones a month there. So we stock up when we come. Thank you.. )O( Blessed be. XXOO

  7. This is the loveliest, witchiest shop in town! Long before moving here and setting up my own spiritual business, I became a loyal customer on trips when vacationing. I love the energy of these lovely earthy folks! They carry all you need for a majickal life and the knowledge to help you along the way with sage advice as well as classes or personal readings. I refer my customers to Enchanted Earth often when I don’t have something they are looking for that I think Kim may have in stock or need a certain type of advice that the folks at Enchanted Earth can best provide. No need to shop anywhere else for your witchy needs or a kindred spirit to share a smile with while you browse their books, stones, oils, herbs and such. Simply the Best Shop in Dunedin for your majickal life!

  8. Just had Shaman class with Joe and everyone missed a great class. Joe’s gift of presentation is very real and with great concern. Looking forward to the next class.

  9. Roundtable on July 19th was such a great experience! Will definitely attend when it’s offered again!

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